FUR Barley Wine

Barley Wine is often the name of the strongest beer in the brewery and the FUR Barley Wine is no exception. We have chosen to illustrate this rare beer type with an image of one of the rarest find on Fur. A 30 cm long skull of a gigantic turtle found in 1957 by Magne Breiner, the first manager at Fur Museum and it is named after him: Eoasphargis Breneri. Strong hop experience with vinous warmth and a taste of dark malt, caramel and aniseed. Alc. 9,5% vol.

Barley Wine is served as a dessert-beer or as an aperitif. FUR Barley Wine can be purchased now but do not lose any time as it will be in a limited number.

salg af FUR Barley Wine
salg af FUR Barley Wine

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