FUR Frokost (Fur Lunch)

FUR Frokost (Fur Lunch) is a top fermented beer of the type Bitter Pale Ale.
Calm and clear with a colour like red golden amber. Bubbling with a thick cream-coloured froth which makes fine laces on the glass.
Fine nuances of hop with a smell of caramel malt, elder flower and fresh citrus fruit. A strong experience of hop, that continues in a body of slight sweetish caramel malt and with a finish of a bitter fresh, fine sweetish and well-balanced beer experience.
Alc. 2,6% vol

The front image is a fossil found in the Moler on Fur. The fossil is more than 50 million years old.

salg af FUR Frokost
salg af FUR Frokost

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